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Euclid Security is a reliable name in the cybersecurity consulting space. Our certified and trained professionals have years of experience in the field and are familiar with industry standards and best practices. We have helped firms achieve their information security goals by identifying gaps, eliminating, and reducing risk.

Security Awareness training
Security Awareness training Top


Having proper security and defense not only provides peace of mind, but is essential to protect reputation, privacy, and trade secrets to prevent breaches and costly losses. Euclid Security’s goal is to work with you to ensure that preventive, detective, corrective, recovery, deterrent, and compensating controls are in place to protect your organization. We will use our years of experience to architect security, perform technical audits, vulnerability, and penetration testing with your business operations in mind. We will also define policies and procedures, and provide guidelines to protect new and harden existing infrastructure by using technical analysis and employing industry standards and best practices.


Compliance with regulatory institutions and privacy laws are a necessary aspect of keeping your organization up to date and in good standing to continue operations unhampered. Ensuring you are practicing due care and diligence is essential to protect you from charges of negligence. Our auditing services will identify flaws in your processes and help determine the corrective course of action to help meet-exceed the regulatory requirements. Whether you are required or choose to follow NIST, ISO, and other American or International standards; our knowledge and expertise will let you continue business with confidence.

Security Awareness training Top
Security Awareness training Top


Even with robust IT security measures, data and reputation can still be at risk from internal threats, and uninformed and uneducated staff. The lack of security awareness and training will increase the risk of bad actors gaining a foothold on the network to disclose, alter, or destroy data through social engineering and vulnerabilities caused by poor programming practices. Euclid Security’s training and awareness programs can help end- users and developers identify and avoid risky practices that can inflict damage on data and infrastructure.

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