Our Services

Here at Euclid Security we offer a range of high quality cyber security services to cover your business' needs.

Consultation and Advisory

Take advantage of our years of expertise with our cyber security consulting and virtual CISO services, whether you need advice on improving your information security program or a full assessment of your current capabilities. This can include incident response, email security, tabletop exercises, and much more.

Security Assessment

We perform a range of internal and external vulnerability assessments, including penetration testing, policy reviewing and creation, gap analysis, and much more. Helping you identify and resolve existing and potential problems by offering adequate IT security consulting and cost-efficient cyber solutions and services.

Security Awareness & Training

You and your employees need to be the first line of defence when it comes to information security attacks. At Euclid Security our cyber security services include phishing simulation exercises, safety when working from home and password security, keeping staff prepared for those who want to exploit their trust and curiosity.

Risk and Compliance

We can help ensure that you are compliant with various standards and legislation, including, but not limited to, HIPPA, ISO, NIST, and GDPR guidelines. We are able to assess your current level of compliance using risk assessments and audits, so we can provide actionable next steps to help you reduce your cyber security risks.

About us

Euclid Security was established in 2017, with a goal to provide the highest quality cyber security solutions, while maintaining a competitive price. With decades of experience, our team aims to ensure any company, no matter how small, can feel peace of mind knowing that their IT systems are completely secure.

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