Welcome to Euclid Security’s website and blog. In this article, we will briefly tell you who we are About Us and what we offer Services, as well as what readers can expect from our future blogs. It is more important than ever to ensure your business is cyber secure. Particularly in this challenging economic climate, we want to help you achieve this, whatever your budget is. 

Euclid Security is a cybersecurity consultancy firm established in 2017 with a mission to provide top quality information security consulting while maintaining competitive prices. We do this with a highly experienced and qualified team who offers a range of services to reduce your business’s risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack. Our key services consist of:

  • Consultation & Advisory : Analyzing, developing, and enhancing your security programs, providing risk reducing strategies to keep your data protected in all environments.
  • Cyber Security Assessments : Testing your current cybersecurity to discover weaknesses, including penetration testing and application vulnerability assessments.
  • Security Awareness & Training : Offering both on-site and online training for you and your employees to give your team the ability to handle and prevent cyber threats.
  • Cyber Risk & Compliance Assessments : Reducing risk by ensuring your compliance with a variety of standards including state and federal regulations, GDPR, ISO27001, HIPPA, NIST, PCI, and more.

This April, Google blocked over 18 million malware and phishing emails related to Coronavirus, making the COVID-19 pandemic one of the biggest threats to cyber security the world has ever seen. During these hard times, we are here to make it easier for businesses across the globe to feel confident that they are cyber secure. 

It is the hard work of small and medium businesses that often serves us, our families, and our friends. This makes your community’s protection and privacy our number one priority at all times. We offer all our services remotely and work with your budget in mind meaning Coronavirus or not; we are here to help. 

Our goal on this blog is to provide valuable insights to anyone, whether you are an information security enthusiast or a business owner, worried about your cyber safety. This will include common challenges we see businesses face, best practices, our own take on current events in the industry, and much more.
Learn more about Euclid Security and what motivated us to start our journey into cybersecurity consultancy; you can find it on the About Us page.