Featured Cyber Security Assessment Services –



  • Vulnerability management and scanning.
  • Black box and white box assessments.
  • Internal and external penetration testing.
  • Wireless penetration testing.
  • Application penetration testing.






At Euclid Security, we offer a range of vital cyber security assessment services for businesses to reduce their risk of security breaches. It is more important than ever to consider the danger of cyber attacks, with so much of businesses and client’s data at risk to hackers who prey on weak points in IT security.

There is no business too large or too small to be at risk of a cyber attack, with data breaches being recorded at giant firms such as Twitter and Zoom in the first half of 2020. Over 8.4 billion personal records were exposed by cyber attacks in the first quarter of 2020, showing the importance of regular IT security assessments. 

Theft of proprietary information and client data undoubtably causes damage to a firm’s reputation, and can lead to even more serious consequences when it comes to compliance with government and regulatory guidelines. While cyber attacks are seemingly unavoidable these days, properly performed network and application vulnerability assessments and penetration testing services can massively reduce the risk of a hacker being successful. 

While you could enlist your own workforce to perform tests such as network security vulnerability assessments, this can lead to a lack of meticulousness that won’t be suffered when employing a qualified and experienced third party, such as Euclid Security. Workers already within the company might be unconsciously biased in their testing or simply not have the expertise required to perform an application vulnerability assessment or penetration testing services.

Here at Euclid Security, we are passionate about keeping businesses safe. We perform a wide range of testing and IT security assessments so any business can feel confident in their cyber security. Our key interest is client satisfaction and competitive pricing to ensure that your needs are met without any unnecessary spending, whatever the size of your business. 

With decades of experience between us we know exactly what struggles are already faced by companies and what the best solution is for them. As your partner, you can relax knowing that your business’ IT safety is in the hands of dedicated professionals who have the tools and knowledge to thoroughly test your cyber security, offering advice for improvements and best practice in the industry.