Featured Consultation and Advisory Services –

  • Evaluating, enhancing, and developing robust security programs
    • Incident response planning, vulnerability assessment, patching, encryption, identity and access management (IAM), and more.
  • Analyzing and enhancing security controls.
  • Helping protect your data in all environments (on-premises, hybrid, and the cloud).
  • Providing strategies to reduce risk based on your business and budget.
  • Retainer services; Save money and keep all your security up to date.

Most companies are very much aware of the increasing risk of cyber attacks on all businesses, whether you are a start-up or global player; In 2019, over 43% of security breaches victims were small and medium businesses. 

While everyone is at risk from cyber attacks, not everybody has the same resources to defend themselves. Smaller businesses are more likely to suffer from a lack of security staff and expertise, leading to weaker cyber safety and incident response planning, and therefore increased vulnerability to hackers and attacks.

The obvious solution would be to hire more staff and take advantage of their information security consulting services and expertise. However, this brings more problems; Firstly, there is the cost and time required to hire another team member. Secondly, this puts the company’s cyber safety and incident response planning in the hands of a limited number of employees within the business, who are less likely to have the expertise that a specialized team possesses. 

At Euclid Security we understand how important it is to keep your business safe. We specialize in cyber security consulting for small and medium companies to make sure you always get the best results at a competitive price. Take advantage of our combined knowledge, where we can assess your security, identify areas for improvement and provide clear advice to help you improve your business’ cyber security, compliance, and efficiency. 

Through our experience in cyber security consulting and advisory services, we can instruct on the current best practices in your industry, with up to date and easy to follow guidance to help put your mind at ease whilst you save time and money. This additionally gives your clients peace of mind, knowing that your security is attested by a third party specializing in cyber safety. As well as offering our information security consulting services as one-off solutions, we also offer them on a retainer basis. If you are interested in finding out more about our advisory services and retainers, please get in touch Contact us for a no obligation discussion with the Euclid Security team.