Featured  Risk Assessment & Compliance Services –

  • Information security risk assessments to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, GDPR, ISO27001, HIPPA, NIST, PCI, and more.
  • Identifying enterprise cyber risk exposure.
  • Identifying internal and external risk.
  • Assistance with cybersecurity risk resolution.

Companies that do not comply with legislation and regulations set by the government, states, or regulatory boards are opening themselves up to many risks. Without regular IT security risk assessments and information security audits, businesses can fail to meet the necessary standards without even realizing, creating weak cyber security points.  

It is worryingly easy to fall behind on your compliance with these regulations, and it can sometimes be confusing trying to ensure your compliance with them in the first place. This is why it is vital to employ the services of professionals who can perform a thorough information security audit. The team at Euclid Security have decades of experience between us, and we consistently stay up to date with new legislation and regulations to ensure your compliance and cyber security. 

One of the key problems with lacking compliance is putting your business at risk of huge penalties if discovered, especially if a cyber attack has already taken place. English airline company, British Airways, was fined over $170m in 2019 for a breach in customer data while not following GDPR guidelines. But, it is not just big conglomerates who put themselves at risk when not following guidelines. No matter how small, any company can be penalized for not utilizing a proper cyber security audit and compliance assessment. 

Another important reason to have IT security risk assessments performed by a third party is to ensure that your business is secure. Compliance alone does not always mean a company is safe, but a commitment to cyber security will often mean your business becomes compliant with guidelines regardless. With hackers consistently becoming more of a danger to companies of all sizes, working with a cyber security firm can significantly reduce your chance of falling victim to a cyber attack.

At Euclid Security, we offer our services worldwide, performing our assessments remotely and when required, on site. We will assess your enterprise controls and risk management program, determine your most significant threats, and then help you address them by offering guidance and actionable advice.