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  • Simulated phishing training for employees.
  • Password strength and security.
  • How to stay secure and safe whilst working remotely And much more.

At Euclid Security, we know that your employees need to be your first line of defense when it comes to cyber security for your business. It is more important than ever to provide a quality cyber security awareness training program for employees. Phishing attacks are the top cyber security risk, with the majority of major cyber attacks and breaches beginning with a phishing occurrence. 

The vast majority of phishing attacks require human interaction to succeed, which can include workers being tricked into installing dangerous malware and disclosing private data. With the correct cyber security awareness training program for employees, you can massively reduce your risk of falling victim to scammers and cyber attacks.  

Hackers and scammers are increasingly using intelligent methods to gain data from businesses, with one of their favorite tactics being to prey on human emotions. Scammers will often target people’s kindness, curiosity, and sense of urgency to get the information they require to succeed. Additionally, it is common for staff who lack information security training to feel uncomfortable stopping a scammer just in case they are a genuine prospect. A worrying 56% of Americans claim that they would not know what to do under the threat of a security attack.

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of keeping your employees training up to date when it comes to information security training. The more educated your workers are on the topic, the less effective these attacks will be if they pass your email safeguard. Euclid Security can also help companies implement gold standard email security architecture, no matter who your email provider or even if you use an on-site service.

Euclid Security’s goal is to provide top quality cyber security awareness training services, including simulated phishing training for employees, to give them the knowledge and confidence to identify and prevent a cyber attack. We do this by providing customized training worldwide, with our goal being to drive behavior change. Our range of information security training is available online or when requested, on-site at your business or a local venue.